Chrysalis After-school Program

Our after school programs are designed to build the skills and techniques to communicate thoughts and ideas with self-confidence, responsibility and empathy. This program runs through the school year. The groups meet once a week and for pre-scheduled field trips. The field trips are geared towards the pre/teen realizing their leadership abilities to make meaningful difference in their community – examples of such activities include conceptualizing and executing projects for homeless shelters, working with retired racehorses, planting trees, going to a city council meeting etc.

All UncoverU programs incorporate multi-model approach infusing various forms of art for self-expression including writing, acting techniques, dance, music, painting and digital expression.

The Program


Personal communication, personal, social and financial responsibility, presentations and more.


Empathy, compassion, inter-personal communication, dealing with difficulties, dealing with bullies and difficult people and more.


Working in groups, managing projects, leadership, standing for things bigger then self, and more.

During our after school program the UncoverU members of a session will pick up a project to complete for our non-profit partners. These projects can range from getting a system in place to have snack bags supplied to the homeless shelter or planting a 100 trees or creating a documentary  about a topic. UncoverU programs are student led, and the group of students in the class decide and create these projects. At the end of the program, students will receive community hours from our non-profit partners and a certificate from them.

There will be 4 parent networking events through the school year. These events are extremely important for us to create community and support each other. These events will occur approximately every 8 weeks. The first parent networking event is scheduled for right after the very first class with the students. We strongly recommend all parents and guardians attend.

We value each pre/teen in their journey to becoming part of the UncoverU community.  To be able to support each member in the fullest possible manner, we have limited our class sizes to 20 students.