Chrysalis by UncoverU is a series of unique “learning by discovery” workshops designed to promote your child’s confidence, self-discovery and expression.


Your ability to effectively communicate to self and others is key to happiness. Come find your power!


With Self, with Family and the Community

UncoverU is a training and personal development company that empowers pre-teens and teens to discover their power and potential to imagine and create a world that works for all. UncoverU aims to achieve this by equipping the young people to mastering communication, self-expression, and leadership in the three pillars of success and happiness – Self, Family, and Community.

We aim to create leaders of tomorrow today by empowering pre/teens to imagine and make real a world of responsibility, equality, and compassion through transformative, powerful communication.


The only time one is not communicating is before one comes into being. We start to communicate from the moment we are conceived and continue to do so forever. Communication helps us define our goals, and enables their achievement through enrollment of family and community in investing and contributing towards a shared vision.


All relationships are versions of the relationships we share with our parents and within the family. Strengthening these relationships, and creating space for open, honest and authentic communication with family sets us up for triumph over challenges life throws at us. It also redefines family dynamics, with each member invested in one another’s success as an individual and as a unit.


Adolescence is a period of self-discovery – dependence to independence, child to adult, unsure to assertive – and a time of great transition. Building a relationship during periods of change require unique skills.  Teen years call for these unique skills to build a relationship with self.

the Larger World

Lasting happiness and satisfaction is experienced when we help others, when we commit to standing for and doing what it takes to make a difference for people, groups, community, society and the world itself. At the core of this happiness is empathy, compassion and generosity. At UncoverU we create spaces for teens to experience this and come to see the joy of enabling, helping and supporting others.

Chrysalis by UncoverU

Pre-teens and Teen years are the most exciting and the most challenging period of an individual’s life. How the challenges of these years are negotiated dictate the trajectory of success and happiness for a lifetime. At UncoverU we believe communication to be the ground zero for facing up to these challenges. Attendees will learn to master communicating in the three pillars of success and happiness – with self, with family, and with community.

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