Needs Vs Wants

Needs Vs Wants

The other day I was shooting the breeze with a friend, and we got to the question, “why does the Universe not give us what we want?” Here are my thoughts on the topic.

The Universe will always give us what we need. We have what we need, and we think what we want is what we need. Our definition of needs changes as our needs gets met. The Universe is ever constant, and so is the definition of needs for the Universe. Now that the Universe is all powerful, we are provided with all that we need and the ability to want. It would indeed be rather dull experience if we didn’t have the ability to want; for us as well as the Universe.

If the Universe is trying to experience itself through us, then can you imagine how dull it would be if there were no drama, no excitement, no rush, no longing, no urges, no pain, for eternity? It would be like watching static on a TV screen. Forever! So the Universe figured, “I will give you all you need, and to entertain myself, I will give you the need to want as well.” If you were the Universe (which you are) would you not want to spice things up?

In some of the poorer countries in the world rate the higher on the happiness index. In these places, people are happy as long as the basic needs of water, food, shelter, and health are met. When the basics are barely met or met in part (in deprivation), there seems to be more gratitude and self-awareness. Self-awareness and gratitude are at the very center of happiness and bliss.

In parts of the world where everything is abundant, those are the places where people seem to be least happy. Wanting to be more prosperous, coveting a better/hotter/prettier/richer girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife, a better job, better house, better car. More! More! More! And believing somehow, not having these somehow makes us lesser people. And we are like rats on a wheel, going around in circles, trying to find joy, happiness, and bliss outside of ourselves.

It is in this drama that we create the Universe finds its entertainment. The Universe is laughing its @ss off at the silliness, and stupidity because it is so simple; all we have to do is get off the wheel. Instead, we stay in jobs we hate, live in relationships that don’t bring us joy and do things because others are doing it; generally creating dram, sometimes not very good ones at that. What we forget is that we are the others. And all we are supposed to be is Happy.

We live like we are immortal like there is no end to this life/state of being. We have forgotten that we are visitors to this place, and we should enjoy this place and the people. The only thing we have to do is enjoy this holiday, play and in the play create amazing things (like children do) that the next round of us will have even more fun, adding to all our experiences. For one day this holiday that is life will come to an end and when it does it will not matter if we were rich, married, single, good student, good worker, good looking or anything. The only thing that will matter is if we lived to our fullest potential for joy, love, happiness, creativity, and courage.

You are the Universe, and the story you are writing is your life, make it a happy one!